Cisco Switch

Well things are starting to progress, in the last week I have picked up an Cisco 3750 24 port switch. The main purpose for this device will be to run my server and also my NAS device.

It has been a learning curve, I initially wiped the config that was already on it. This sounds straight forward but it had some challenges, first was getting into the switch via ubuntu and the console cable along with getting the port settings correct for putty. After much struggle and frustration I was able to gain access to the switch and wipe the config and also perform an IOS update on the device.

My next challenge is now to make a configuration for it, you might say easy but this is the first time for me configuring an enterprise level switch.

Check back here for my progress.


First blog post

Here we go, so I’m using this blog for my study. I want to further my knowledge with MS Windows Server as well as SCCM and Office365. I shouldn’t forget that some leet Linux Server administration skills will be very handy as well.

I picked up my first server in the last few days, I will post more about the details of that later.

This post is just a short and sweet one, I will put more up later.